I want to book a session with you how do I do it?

First call or email us to find out availability. We’re usually able to schedule you in and are willing to accommodate you and your party pretty easily.

Do you shoot your sessions in studio or on location?

It’s totally up to you! We have a full service studio here in Mission Texas ready to go rain or shine (or when the temperature hits 100+ during our summer months).  Both have their advantages but during the cooler months we love to be out at various location in the Rio Grande Valley.

How long does a typical shoot last?

A shoot can last as short as 30 minutes (Mini Sessions) all the way to two hours.

Do we pick out our location?

Of course you can!  We have various spots that other photographers may not be able to shoot in (private property and accesses to off limit hot spots) but we love to hear from you.  We’ve made a lot of friends and several of them have offered to open up their homes or their retreats for special moments.

Do you accept payments?

Yes we do. We work with all budgets and we also accept credit cards so you can get those points.

Do you still shoot weddings and family photos?

Sure we do.  We still love to shoot family photos here in the Rio Grande Valley, but we’re only doing 10 weddings a year because of other projects we’re working on.

Why are some photographers cheaper or more expensive than others?

Boy talk about a double edged sword. I’ll get this question a lot and the best way to describe is this way: as photographers we really do pour our selves into each shot you receive. Our creativity, knowledge, and experience goes into the whole production. Some people value their work while others do not.

Our studio does not complete on price. We pride ourselves in the quality of our finished products (our impact images) and the superior customer service we’re proud to deliver.

I can’t speak for everyone but what we provide is a first class experience by developing a fun atmosphere that’s also professional. We provide the best in customer service and are always trying to raise the bar. A friend of mine is always saying “make one customer happy he or she will tell one or two people. Anger them…they’ll go out out of their way to tell the universe about you”

Can I just go down to the local pharmacy to print up my photos after the session?

The photos belong to you, can do anything you want to them but we recommend that you let us print them for you. Our studio uses only professional-grade photographic papers and are printed at a lab available only to verified, professional photographers. Your photos are protected with a UV coating to prevent fading and discoloration under regular handling and storage.