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[McAllen Fashion Photographer]

Ever wonder what it’s like to be on a photo set? Just a quick behind the scenes look at some of our studio work here at Abel Riojas Photography!  Now this was a lot of fun as all the models and make up artist were based right here in the Rio Grande Valley and it was our first calibration together.  The secret behind the fashion photoshoot was being efficient and knowing what our client wanted.  Each look was shot, edited, and delivered for social media with in 48 hours.

This all started when a friend of ours, Giselle Dominique Mascarenhas-Villarreal, called and said “we need your help with one of our fashion campaigns are you in?”  SURE!  And the rest is in history.  One thing about Giselle she’s always ahead of the trends in her Public Relation business and always working on the next biggest thing.   Looking back on the whole  thing it was probably one of our busiest projects for 2015 .  We had a total of three make up artists going all at once, a stylist pulling clothes and double checking everything, and our friend Dom capturing it all for social media behind the scenes.

Fashion photography is one of our biggest areas of growth in our business model and we’re always looking for new team members.  We love to work with like minded make up artists, stylists and even fashion bloggers to team up with to keep up with the latest trends.  And on the other side of the coin, commercial photography, let us know you’re interested in doing something for your business or boutique here in the Rio Grande Valley. Don’t be shy send us an email or stop by our Mission photo studio if you’re in the Sharyland area.  We’re always looking to work with new teams and provide quality work with breath taking results!