McAllen Photographer – Healthy Hearts 5k 2018

McAllen Photographer

I had someone ask me “How many photos do you take during these Rio Grande Valley 5K runs?” – ANSWER: “Dunno…this last batch was close to 1,000 from three camera we ran. But we shot with intent” (No Spraying and praying). Anyways this is probably one of my favorites from this past weekend’s Healthy Hearts 5K here in McAllen. It was a fun event for the families and teams involved….lots of smiles all around.

McAllen Life Coach Chis’mere Mallard

McAllen Photographer

What a great year! This morning we wrapped up the 2017 headshot portrait season working with life life-coach Chis’mere Mallard at his home in McAllen. We’ll be collaborating with him on other projects next year and wish him all the best. If you haven’t had a chance to hear him speak look him up, he’s a Les Brown speaker with a powerful story changing lives. —

McAllen Headshot


mcallen Portrait Photographer

Who says you need a huge studio space? We shot this in a living room yesterday afternoon! (Christmas Tree and all) =) #timeforanewheadshot #neverbored #havecamerawilltravel




Volunteering at the McAllen Book Festival 2017

The time my family joined the Empire. Sort of. The first assignment for Saturday was volunteering at the McAllen Public Library as an official 501st Legion Cosplay Handler. As always it was a lot of fun watching the kids faces light up and even having the librarians jump in for a photo or two.

McAllen La Plaza Mall

Finishing up editing photos for the La Plaza Mall expansion. It’s pretty impressive all they’ve done!

What i’ve been told is they have over 40+ stores moving in between now and the first of the year.    I’m just excited that cinabon is coming back! (yeah i said it).